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Re: Rice and crisps

Postby Ellie Girl » Mon Jun 20, 2011 11:13 am

shania12345 wrote:I don't understand why people are saying rice is bad. White rice is low in choline. Look at the USDA choline list and you will see. Brown rice might not be so good for you.



It isn't just hte choline in some foods we need to take into account. If you look at teh USDA list you will also see that fresh ground coffee and alcohol are low in choline but they are still major causes of odour for sufferers. Other things to take into account that affect us are sulfur content, nitrates, sennapine, and precursers of trymethylamine, as well as foods that are high in trimethyalmine itself. I don't know what the deal is with rice but all rice (and white was my staple) makes me smell yeasty. Maybe it is the starch content or sugar content - I don't know but I do know that it makes me smell.

Lowering choline and TMA as much as possible is the first and most important step for TMAU sufferers but as I have found through my own experience there are further connected compounds in food that cause odours.

Just trying to help - the sad thing is that even on restricted diets many of us still smell and it's a process of elimination. Just letting you know what works and doesn't work for me - could be completely different for others.

Ellie xx
Ellie Girl
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Re: Rice and crisps

Postby stinky17 » Mon Jun 20, 2011 1:30 pm

what works 4 u then? :)
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Re: Rice and crisps

Postby smelly » Mon Jun 20, 2011 8:01 pm

Hi all,

I might be missing the point (wouldnt be the first time :lol: ) but for those of us who probably have an overgrowth of bacteria rather than specific genetic problem, surely we have an overgrowth of lots of different bacteria? Is it likely that we have an overgrowth of just that one type that produce TMA, or is it more likely we have an overgrowth of different bacteria, maybe even yeast also, which can feed off a variety of food types? When people complain of me smelling they describe it in completely different ways from time to time as if its different products being broken down. This has made me think that there might not really be any food these s@ds cant feed off! :lol: I read even yeast can adapt to a low-sugar gut environment by feeding off protein you eat instead. I might dig out my book on bacterial overgrowth that I was reading prior to TMAU diagnosis, and try and remind myself what that whole theory was about. I think this consultant guy was treating his patients with antibiotics and then they were following a specific diet to try and alter the gut inhabitants. I dont remember him saying much if anything about treating odour, it was more IBS type symptoms but maybe there might be something useful I can take from it with the hind site of everything Ive learnt from you guys on this board. I'll post if I come up with anything useful :geek:
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Re: Rice and crisps

Postby Ellie Girl » Fri Jun 24, 2011 9:58 am

stinky17 wrote:what works 4 u then? :)

See my various posts :) My diet is very restricted sadly - I wouldn't reccommend that for everyone as I don't seem able to tolerate much of anything foodwise x
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Re: Rice and crisps

Postby Keith » Sat Jan 14, 2012 9:54 am

If your gastro problem is over production of insulin, known as insulin resistance, then yes it can cause a complete hormone imbalance. You do not say what type of diet you are on. Also, drinking and smoking will also cause problems. I am insulin resistance (hyperinsulanemia) (spelling???) I over produce insulin, which causes me to gain weight, have pains like a heart attack, on and on. When I eat GF, SF, low or no processed foods, and follow a healthy diet of 6 small meals a day, it balances out. I have been following this religiously for a week now because I was sick as a dog from over production of insulin over a week ago and it is just starting to calm down.

I have been reading as much as I can about this, man made crap is a killer. I can also in following this diet, eat small amounts of plain greek yogurt, which I could not before. It seems acutally to be assisting in digestion. I eat fresh or frozen fruit with no sugar added, salads, protein, rice, pasta in small amounts. I make all my own breads, and my pasta is quinoa based or rice based. I drink no caffine, which was what kicked off this whole episode last week. I spent a 4 day weekend sick in bed most of the time. UFH.

So I hope this gives you some information. Oh by the way, I smoked for 26 years 2 packs a day, used sugar free cinamon gum to break the habit. It was the only thing that worked.
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Re: Rice and crisps

Postby stella » Sun Jan 15, 2012 8:54 pm

Hello Keith , I was wondering where did you buy cinnamon chewing gum and what is it called. I used to use a cinnamon gum years ago but they stopped making it. Sorry to read about your illness i hope you get well soon. Stella.
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