Low choline diet?

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Low choline diet?

Postby Funky_aroma » Tue Jan 04, 2011 10:22 pm

hey guys,
Hope you all had a nice christmas (stuffing your face with nice foods) and happy new year:)

Im struggling with the low choline diet as im really confused with what foods i can eat and feel constantally hungry and use alot of energy at work. Im eating little and not sure what meals i can make. i havn't yet seen a dietician and it will be a while yet.

Here is a list of the foods i am eating at the moment;

Tinned pear,peach and mango
Spaghetti hoops
Celery, cucumber
Butternut squash, sweet pepper
Dry cornflakes
apples, grape, berries, kiwi and tomato
Turkey/chicken ocassionally
Ready salted crisps ocassionally (i was a crispaholic)

please could you let me know if there is anything i can add to the list or take out. it would also help me alot if you could give meal ideas too.

I would really appreciate the help, Thank you:)
Funky Aroma
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Re: Low choline diet?

Postby Lisa » Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:39 pm

Hi Funky, if you go to Diet topic, scroll down to Suggested meal plan, I've listed the stuff we can eat. (From Dr. L's dietician).
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