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Sauerkraut and other Fermented Foods, OK?

PostPosted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 8:56 pm
by PinkPanther
Anybody know if Sauerkraut is OK to eat?

It's listed as something tmau patients can eat on the MEBO web site and it's got gut-friendly bacteria in it.

However, I was reading a macrobiotic diet book today and it said Sauerkraut's is a good source of Choline! It's a by-product of fermentation, apparently. Just when one door opens another one slams shut!

Does anybody know? Or does anybody here eat Sauerkraut and have experience of the effects on BO?

I was having a tablespoon of it with my salads for 2 weeks 'cos I thought it was OK to eat until today.

I was going to make some fermented carrot and ginger too, but I'm not sure now :?

Re: Sauerkraut and other Fermented Foods, OK?

PostPosted: Sat Mar 19, 2016 1:18 am
by Tenacity
Hi PinkPanther,

I never go to MEBO, but I would imagine they have got their data from the USDA database for the choline content of common foods. Sauerkraut is listed as being relatively low in choline (10mg per 100g total and 8.7mg free). However, as it is made from cabbage, which is a brassica, I would say it is not suitable for people with TMAU. You're best off asking a dietician rather than relying on what people on message boards (including me!) say. Also, the database tends to base its results on common big brands in America. As MEBO is an American forum, they will probably be referring to some canned product that we don't even get over here. Not that it should make that much difference in this instance. Fermented cabbage is fermented cabbage anywhere in the world! Hope that helped somewhat with your fermenting plans...