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PostPosted: Mon Mar 09, 2015 9:43 pm
by robert123
Hi everybody,

Apologies if everyone knows about this already but I just came across a gadget called a spiralizer the other day - ... ested.html

It seems pretty neat, basically it can make noodles out of cucumbers, courgettes and other vegetables. I'm sure everyone will agree here cucumbers and courgettes can quickly become very unappetising after a short while if you eat a lot of them so maybe this machine could help us out by presenting them as a nice big plate of noodles. Wonder is anybody on here using one?

Re: Spiralizers

PostPosted: Sat May 23, 2015 6:06 am
by treacle
I have one, use it most days to make a big plate courgette and carrot spirals, baked in olive oil and sea salt. delish! Tricks your brain into thinking you are eating spaghetti :D