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Food blog with recipes

Postby Emily » Sat Jan 31, 2015 7:34 am


I have been following a food blog for the last year and have found that I can cook many of the recipes even with TMAU! Of course I know that we all react slightly differently to different foods but I have found that when my TMAU is stable I can cook quite a few of the recipes with no negative effect to my smell! The blog is Deliciously Ella and it is a plant based, whole food blog with no meat, dairy etc. I have to stress that it isn't a TMAU food blog so there are still many recipes on there we can't eat but it has really helped me and I am so inspired to start cooking again where to begin with after diagnosis I really was eating very little. I obviosuly still avoid foods that are high in choline so steer clear of some of the recipies or adapt them with things I can have. I know for some of us we have to be very strict and can't branch out beyond a small amount of food but if you can tolerate slightly more then this blog could help. Im sharing this with you as it has really made me start to enjoy food again whereas for a long time it seemed like the enemy! I hope it is ok to name a blog here!

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