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PostPosted: Tue May 18, 2010 9:27 pm
by rlnj
Hi Dr. Manning,

We live in the States and have a teenaged son who has sporadically had a fecal/moth ball type of odor. I would say that it didn't start until he was about seven. We have tried just about everything to find out its cause (GI docs, tonsils removed, etc...) This past winter I found TMAU on the internet. We took him off most choline and the smell disappeared. We then went thru Monell Chemical Senses institute and Dr. George Preti and gave him a choline challenge. That brought about no odor at all and the test was negative. So, we reintroduced choline and the smell is back. I have read about TMAU2 and am wondering if this could be what he has. Dr. Preti says he has never heard of this. Any suggestions???

Thanks so much,

Re: TMAU2???

PostPosted: Thu May 20, 2010 1:08 pm
by admin
Hi there rlnj,

First off an apology, this topic should have been locked as all the questions have now gone off, once again sorry for that.

Mr Mannings explanation of TMAU 2 will be in the answers and I will post them up as soon as I get them back.
In case you haven't seen it there is an initial description of TMAU2 here: ... &Itemid=62

If further explanation is needed after the interview comes back and gets posted on this website then It may be a good idea to ask Dr Preti to conatct Mr Manning.

I will send out a mass email as soon as the interview / questions are posted here so you can have a look.