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**READ THIS - TMAU ON TV - 05/03/2010**

PostPosted: Wed Feb 10, 2010 8:22 pm
by admin
Some time ago this website asked for a Volunteer for a Channel 4 feature on TMAU
As a result of a courageous volunteer coming forward channel 4 embarrassing illnesses will be featuring TMAU on
Friday 5th March at 9pm on Channel 4. I'll contact you if this changes...

... The series goes out on Weds for 3 weeks and then changes to Fridays!

Dr Lachmann will feature in the episode.

Re: **READ THIS - TMAU ON TV - 05/03/2010**

PostPosted: Sat Mar 13, 2010 8:52 pm
by smelly
Dont know if this is where you wanted the discussion about the programme, but.....

I have to say, what a beautiful, dignified, intelligent lady Michelle was.

I must say I had worries about the way the subject was going to be covered by this programme, but I am really delighted with the way she represented the rest of us, and set the tone for the way the programme aired.

Michelle, if you are reading this, you are an angel. You suffered for years without any help, but there will be others that wont have to now because of your bravery. I hope you get everything you want out of life from now on :)

Re: **READ THIS - TMAU ON TV - 05/03/2010**

PostPosted: Sat Mar 13, 2010 9:01 pm
by smelly
Oh and how nice was Dr Lachmann as well! I thought he was a decent sort from the replies I have had to email enquiries, but that was confirmed by the film. (I have seen consultants from other specialities for other reasons and they are not all like him! haaahaaaaaa :lol:)

Re: **READ THIS - TMAU ON TV - 05/03/2010**

PostPosted: Sun Mar 14, 2010 8:58 pm
by magsie
I was pleased with the Embarrasing Bodies TV programme, particularly when Dr. Lachmann spoke & pointed
out that some people smell like faeces or garbage as opposed to fish and that some people are smelly all the time. Michelle was excellent to have had the confidence to appear and bring this health topic out into the open, I hope that many people's employers/colleagues also watched the programme. Maybe next time I have a problem of a bad smell suddenly arising from myself at work, they'll remember the programme and think thank god they've not got to suffer from this condition themselves.
If somebody starts discussing the programme in the office this week, I will tell them I've got that condition.
I shall look forward also to seeing the article in Chat magazine next month.

Re: **READ THIS - TMAU ON TV - 05/03/2010**

PostPosted: Sun Mar 14, 2010 9:41 pm
by smelly

I think you have got a really good attitude to this condition, by being prepared to be open with your work colleagues. I bet you will feel a lot less stressed if it is out in the open. I havent got the confidence/strength at the moment btu I agree its the only way to go in order to keep ones sanity! :P

Re: **READ THIS - TMAU ON TV again 28thMAY

PostPosted: Sat May 29, 2010 5:46 am
by magsie
Embarrasing Bodies, starring Michelle with TMAU was on tv agan last nght - 28th May, so the programme
has been repeated pretty quickly.
Hope they let Michelle know it was being reshown too.
So an extra viewing for us, means more pubicity and awareness of the condition.