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Annual UK Meetup, London, Sept 8/9th 2012

PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2012 7:26 am
by YourPrescription
The Annual UK International Breath/Body odour Meet-up will be held in London (1pm till midnight both days) on Sept 8th and 9th 2012.

This Meetup has been set up to coincide with the Thames Festival 2012 and is on the closing weekend of the London 2012 Games so it is important to look at hotel costs right now.

Just read the following link and you will see that the meet-up has carnivals, live bands, floats, riverboat rides, international food stalls etc.

We usually get around 20 members coming over the entire weekend and we just chill out and hang out together.

On the Saturday and Sunday, we will meet 1pm onwards on the Upper deck (open air), of a boat called the Tattershall Castle, which is moored on the river Thames around 100 yards from Embankment Underground (Metro) station:-

We will leave the boat at 6pm and in the evening, we will sit on the grassy areas on the South Bank of the river Thames beside the London Eye and listen to the live music and watch the firework display over the Thames. There are food stalls all around and we can sit on the grass and eat/drink.

The meetup is a means of networking with other sufferers, exchanging tips and having a nice time. Believe me, you will learn more from other members than from any doctor or scientist. As a Group, our members are our specialists! They have a variety of experience.

Members usually can not smell one another (since we produce similar chemicals in our odour) so don't worry about other members smelling you, they generally can not!

At the festival I will have my mobile phone with me all day and the number is 07725 912 027 and it is often better to text me (especially in the evening) since the music can sometimes be loud. I will check for texts every few minutes.

Re: Annual UK Meetup, London, Sept 8/9th 2012

PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 7:27 pm
by YourPrescription
Guys, we are all staying in International House, Waterloo, London. Check out this website:-

Enter the dates and see how cheap the rooms are...
Single rooms are only £35 per night(!) because it is University of London Student's accomodation.

BUT, book early otherwise all the single rooms will be gone and then you will have to pay £54 for a Twin room.

If you guys have any query, please email me on
ArunNagrath at hotmail dot com

Arun mobile +44 (0)7725 912 027

Re: Annual UK Meetup, London, Sept 8/9th 2012

PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:47 pm
by Glasgowguy
Hi, I think I will be attending the meetup. I'll be driving down to London. Rather than deal with the public transport to London from Glasgow. If anyone is thinking of going and would like picked up on the way message me. I'm not sure of whether I'll go for one or two days. Anyway message me if this would help you attend the meet up. I know the thought of travelling is stressful.