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Freelance journalist looking for case study

PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 4:16 pm
by admin
Please contact julie via email if you can help, its always good to get further exposure;

""My name is Julie Cook and I am a freelance journalist for women's magazines and national newspapers. I write primarily health articles and was reading about TMAU today with interest.
I wondered if you might have any case studies who might be interested in talking about this not-very-well-known condition for a possible health article?
If they were interested, the case study would be paid a fee after publication and would receive a full read back of their quotes to ensure they were happy.
I'd also be able to get a mention of your website on there, giving you national publicity.""

I emailed Julie back to try and verify if this would be a sensitive article, reply below;

""Sorry to hear about the sensationalist stories in the past.
The magazines I write for always do a full read through. I also write for nationals like the Mail and Telegraph health pages who'd definitely do a more serious approach to this condition.
I always email my version of the story to the interviewee first then the magazine, once it's edited, call them to do a final run through.
Hope this helps and if this sounds OK it would be great to see if anyone was interested.""

CONTACT DETAILS ; julie_cook{a}
(replace the {a} with the standard @ )