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Herbal Hill Deodorising Products

Postby malory » Mon May 25, 2015 6:33 am

New Herbal Hill Deodorising Products Line available soon in US/Canada

(UK residents can contact karen.james@meboresearch.org for more information on potential distribution of the brand in the UK. These products will also be discussed at the London meet up on 11th July)

At last, we have a set of highly effective deodorising products specifically designed for our needs! After meticulous research, laboratory testing and human trials, Trinzyme has created a collection of lotions, oils and creams which combat the odorous compounds given off by members of our community, under the brand name ‘Herbal Hill’ (see link below). Although these products are NOT a therapeutic and will not actually cure odour conditions, they may help control the strong, offensive odours given off by most TMAU and metabolic malodour sufferers, and also should help those with a range of other body odour issues. The products have been trialled by a range of people with TMAU and odour disorders, and many have commented on the efficacy of the pleasantly creamy underarm deodorant, in particular. One athlete with body odour issues (included in the trial) stated that clothes and armpits were intact and beautifully deodorised even after 4 hours of intense cardiovascular exercise! All have been especially impressed with the subtle, lingering fragrances of the products and the fact that they really cater for our needs; without parabens and containing predominantly natural ingredients such as virgin coconut oil, tea tree oil and green tea, these products will be extremely popular amongst those with odour problems and the general public alike.
The website describes instructions for the ‘average’ person. Those with body odour issues may simply need to apply with more frequency, to find out what works for them.

There are four products currently on offer:

Underarm Cream – Maximum underarm deodorising protection. Unscented and hypoallergenic. A small amount of cream is rubbed in to the skin under the armpit for long-lasting protection. The cream has been reported to be useful on other patches of the body for which there are prone to sweat and odour, such as the top of the back/back of the neck and chest area, but not internally.

Deodorising body lotion – this body lotion is also highly deodorising, but with a light fresh unisex scent formulated to spread easily all over the body.

Foot Deo Cream – Especially for ‘problem feet’, this product has been formulated with tea tree oil (which is an excellent anti-fungal and anti-bacterial). The tea tree imparts a wonderful fresh scent suitable for both men and women, and has maximum deodorising protection. Rubbed in at night before bed-time to freshly washed feet, it should help keep your feet smelling and looking good throughout the day.

Deodorising Plant Tonic body oil – the plant tonic is also highly deodorising, with a fresh unisex green tea and citrus scent, suitable for everyone. The plant tonic can be rubbed in to hair and the body, and used as a massage oil as desired.

Herbal Hill Website : http://www.herbalhill.org
Contact Herbal Hill : via the email form on the website
pre-order survey : Herbal Hill pre-order survey
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Re: Herbal Hill Deodorising Products

Postby beautifulsoul39 » Mon May 25, 2015 4:03 pm

This sounds really promising
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