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Channel 5 seeks TMAU Volunteer for Documentary

PostPosted: Mon May 18, 2015 3:08 pm
by admin
Hi ,

This is a great opportunity to get our message out there, please post let us know if you volunteer and its going to appear on TV.
See message below for full details, please reply directly to Holly, NOT here. ( 0117 933 5654, hollywicks{at} )

Tigress Productions are making a new documentary series for Channel 5, following medical mysteries from both the patient and consultant perspectives.

We’re still on the lookout for active cases and case studies to include in the series and so I was wondering if you have any current/retrospective cases of TMAU that you’d consider telling us about?

We’re looking for stories that have a detective element – that have perhaps flummoxed the medical profession or taken a long chain of treatments to reach a diagnosis/cure.

The series will not be presenter-led and will rely on interviews with experts in the field and personal testimony from those affected which is one of the reasons I’m contacting you.

We are still in the early stages of production (filming commences early June until August) so it would be great if you'd let your members know about our production.

There is of course, no obligation for them to proceed as contributors on our series, but it could be a great opportunity to get some national coverage for TMAU. Any members interested in talking to me can call me on: 0117 933 5654, hollywicks{at}

The aim of the series is to raise awareness about lesser known ailments, showcase revolutionary new treatments, and also show our audience in detail how the diagnosis process works – often patients are left wondering why their GP has taken a certain course of action; rare conditions offer us the opportunity to follow a doctors thought process from beginning to end. Filming will start early June until August, but we’re keen to speak to potential contributors now. The show will be broadcast towards the end of the year, 8 or 9pm slot (TBC).

I have been contacted by Holly, see assures me the program is not exploitative;

"Thanks for your reply. I understand that TMAU is a sensitive condition, and that you need to protect your members, but I can promise you that this is a serious documentary series. Tigress Productions makes inserts for the One Show, as well as lots of prestigious content, so we’re not out to exploit anyone."