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Calling affluent philanthropists or serious investors

PostPosted: Sat Feb 28, 2015 1:11 pm
by malory
"Every day is a fight for survival and for a life that I have never had.... I am a forgotten leper, a fairy tale ogre; isolated, an outcast, unworthy of time, understanding, help or freedom. I beg the medical community as a whole do not allow this lack of awareness, support or advances to continue – nobody deserves this torturous segregation." (

Are there any affluent philanthropists or serious investors out there willing to back a promising therapy for Trimethylaminuria?

Wealthy individuals are sought for investment discussions with a trusted, UK-based, biotech company looking to raise capital for continued research into a very promising TMAU therapeutic. This treatment could potentially handle both primary and secondary versions of TMAU. It is also a great opportunity for investors to have a stake in a company actively looking at therapeutics for other disorders and diseases.

Confidentiality would be assured, and any interested parties would be invited to sign a confidentiality agreement before being shown data about the project.

Please e-mail MEBO ( or who will put you into contact immediately with the relevant company.