Lisa's Petition to Obama


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Lisa's Petition to Obama

Postby malory » Fri Apr 04, 2014 8:31 am

Please support Lisa's petition. Anyone from any country can sign it.
If you think it is futile, it isn't. If we push for change, then change will eventually come. There is only a black USA president right now because of the actions and efforts of many before him. He achieved what many thought was unachievable.

Here is Lisa's message as posted on RareConnect with the link to sign:

Public Awareness Campaign & Petition
In an attempt to contact President Obama, their response to BORC was broad based concerning a request for more funding to research (TMAU) Trimethylaminuria. Now the establishment of a petition has been formulated by BORC with additional request(s) to be presented to The White House. Please take the time to sign. Click the following link and then press the "HERO CALL" Button, then please sign the petition. All I know is to give it a try at best. - Lisa Mardis!campaigns/c1ba5
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