FYI: Media list of e-mails you all may contact directly if

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FYI: Media list of e-mails you all may contact directly if

Postby drstillstanding » Wed Feb 08, 2012 3:22 am

1st Miracle Pictures,
2929 Productions,
2nd Generation Films,
3 Ring Circus Films,
33 Degrees,
44 Blue Productions, Inc.,
6 Pictures,
777 Entertainment Group, Ltd., admin@777entgroupcom
7ponies productions,
The 7th Floor,
8790 Pictures, Inc.,
900 Films,
A Wink and a Nod Productions,
Actual Reality Pictures,
Adirondack Pictures,
AEI-Atchity Entertainment International, Inc.,
Affiliated Entertainment,
Affinity Entertainment,
Agua Entertainment Group,
Robert Ahrens Productions,
Airmont Pictures,
Alcon Entertainment, LLC,
Alfa-Film Enterprises, Inc.,
Alligator Planet, LLC,
American World Pictures,
Craig Anderson Productions,
Andrew Lauren Productions,
Antidote International Films, Inc.,
Appleseed Entertainment, LLC,
Arc Films, Inc.,
Mark Archer Entertainment,
Ardustry Entertainment,
Ars Nova PGM,
Artist Entertainment,
The Artists' Colony,
Tamara Asseyev Productions, Inc.,
Atelier Pictures,
Aura Entertainment,
Aurora Productions,
Automatic Pictures, Inc.,
aWounded Knee,
Axelson-Weintraub Productions,
Babyhead Productions, Inc.,
Bacon & Eggs,
Bad Boy Films,
The Badham Company,
Baio/White Productions,
Barcelona Films,
Alan Barnette Productions,
Barnholtz Entertainment,
Barnstorm Films,
Baron Pictures,
Barwood Films,
Basra Entertainment,
The Bauer Company,
Suzanne Bauman Productions,
Bearsmouth Entertainment,
Dave Bell Associates,
Jay Bernstein Productions,
Big Event Pictures,
Big Mouth Productions,
Big Picture Studios,
Black Folk Entertainment,
Black Sheep Entertainment,
Blue Raven Films,
Blue Rider Pictures,
Blue Tulip Productions,
Boardwalk Entertainment,
Bogner Entertainment, Inc.,
Boneyard Entertainment,
Boxx Communications, LLC,
Boz Productions,
David Brady Productions,
Branded Entertainment,
Braun Entertainment Group, Inc.,
Braverman Productions, Inc.,
Breakaway Films,
The Bregman Entertainment Group,
Brightlight Pictures, Inc.,
Brink Films, Inc.,
John Brister Films,
Broadway Pictures, Inc.,
Bull's Eye Entertainment,
Burleigh Filmworks,
Burning Bright Features/Anhelo,
Burnside Entertainment, Inc.,
Burrud Productions,
C3 Entertainment, Inc.,
Cairo/Simpson Entertainment, Inc.,
Caldera/De Fanti Entertainment,
Calvin Productions, Inc.,
Camden Pictures,
Camelot Entertainment Group, Inc.,
Candy Heart Productions, LLC,
Reuben Cannon & Associates,
Canvas House Films,
Anne Carlucci Productions,
Carson Signature Films, Inc.,
The Thomas Carter Company,
Caruso Visual Productions, Inc.,
Castle Rock Entertainment,
Cataland Films,
Catch 23 Entertainment, Inc.,
CatchLight Films,
Catfish Productions,
Cecchi Gori Pictures,
CFP Productions,
Chancellor Entertainment,
Chanticleer Films,
Charlotte Street Films,
Cheerful Pictures,
Cherry Road Films, LLC,
Chesler/Perlmutter Productions,
Chiaramonte Films, Inc.,
Chiodo Bros. Productions, Inc.,
Chris/Rose Productions,
Chromosome22 Films,
CineCity Pictures,
Cinema 21 Group,
Cinema Seven Productions,
CineView Productions, Inc.,
Cineville International, Inc.,
Cinnamon Productions, Inc.,
Civilian Pictures,
Clarity Pictures, LLC,
Clear Pictures Entertainment Inc.,
Cloud Productions/The Olen Company,
Cloudbreak Productions, Inc.,
Cobblestone Films,
Collaborative Artists,
Colleen Camp Productions,
Colossal Entertainment,
Concept Entertainment,
Concourse Productions,
Condor Rising Entertainment/Folks Film, Inc.,
Connection III Entertainment Corp.,
Cooper's Town Productions,
Copasetic Creations,
Core Entertainment Organization,
Cornucopia Pictures,
CPC Entertainment,
Crane Wexelblatt Entertainment,
Created By,
Creative Capers Entertainment,
Creature Entertainment,
Crescent Sky, Inc.,
Crown International Pictures, Inc.,
Crystal Spring Productions, Inc.,
cTonic Flikz,
Curious Pictures,
Dan Curtis Productions,
Cypress Films, Inc.,
Cypress Point Productions,
Dakota North Entertainment/Dakota Films,
Lee Daniels Entertainment,
Danika Productions, Inc.,
Dark Matter Productions,
Darkworld Pictures, Inc.,
Deep Image,
Deja View Productions, Inc.,
Denver and Delilah Films,
DeSalvo Productions,
Desert Heart Productions,
Destiny Pictures,
Deutsch/Open City Films,
Dinamo Entertainment,
Distant Horizon,
Dog and Pony Productions,
Double Eagle Entertainment,
Jeff Dowd & Associates,
Downey/Todoroff Productions,
Dream Entertainment, Inc.,
Driven Entertainment,
Ducks In A Row Entertainment Corporation,
Ronald S. Dunas Productions,
E Entertainment, LLC,
Earthbourne Films, Inc.,
East of Doheny/Lexington Road Productions,
Echelon Entertainment,
Echo Lake Productions,
Abra Edelman Productions,
Eden Rock Media, Inc.,
Eighth Square Entertainment,
El Norte Productions,
Elixir Films,
Elkins Entertainment,
Emby Eye,
Emerging Pictures,
Enteraktion Studios,
Entertainment Licensing Associates,
Envision Entertainment,
Envision Entertainment, LLC,
Epiphany Pictures, Inc.,
Escape Artists,
Eternity Pictures, Inc.,
Euphoria Entertainment,
Exile Entertainment,
Factory Features,
Fade In Films,
Fallout Entertainment,
Fast Carrier Pictures,
Fat Chance Films,
Edward S. Feldman Company,
Festival Pictures,
Fierce Entertainment, LLC,
Filbert Steps Productions,
Film Bridge International,
Film Crash,
Filmstreet, Inc.,
First Entertainment/Smart Entertainment,
Fisher Productions,
Flash Forward Entertainment,
Flip Side Film,
Flying A Studios, Inc.,
Foothill Entertainment, Inc.,
Forensic Films, Inc.,
Forest Hills Pictures,
Fortitude Films,
David Foster Productions,
Fountainhead Pictures,
Four Boys Films,
Ted Fox Productions,
Peter Frankovich Productions, Inc.,
Jack Freedman Productions,
Joel Freeman Productions, Inc.,
Fresh Produce Films,
Daniel Fried Productions,
Frontier Pictures,
FTM Productions,
Furst Films,
Gallant Entertainment,
Galligani Productions,
Garlin Pictures, Inc.,
The Gary-Paul Agency,
Janna E. Gelfand Productions,
Ghost Robot,
Gigantic Pictures,
Ginty Films International,
Giraffe Productions,
Global Entertainment Media,
Go Girl Media,
Goff-Kellam Productions,
Frederic Golchan Productions,
Gold Circle Films,
Goldcrest Films International, Inc.,
The Goodman Company,
Goodman/Rosen Productions,
Gotham Entertainment Group,
Grade A Entertainment,
Graham/Rosenzweig Films,
Michael Grais Productions,
Sarah Green Film Corp.,
Green Grass Blue Sky Company, Inc.,
GreeneStreet Films,
Greystone Television and Films,
Grisham Films USA,
Dan Grodnik Productions,
Gross Entertainment,
Ken Gross Management,
Gross-Weston Productions,
Guy Walks Into a Bar,
H2 Productions,
H2O Motion Pictures,
Haft Entertainment,
Heather Hale Productions,
Harbor Lights Productions,
Harding-Kurtz Entertainment,
The Harris Company,
HDNet Films,
The Hecht Company,
Hella Good Moving Pictures,
Heller Highwater,
Paul Heller Productions,
Rosilyn Heller Productions,
Hennessey Entertainment, Ltd.,
Josselyne Herman & Associates,
Bryan Hickox Pictures, Inc.,
High Maintenance Films,
S. Hirsch Company, Inc./Seemore Films,
Hoffman Films,
Gary Hoffman Productions,
Hollywood Network, Inc.,
Homegrown Pictures, Inc.,
IFM Film Associates, Inc.,
Illuminati Entertainment,
ImageMaker Films,
In Cahoots,
The Independent Film Channel (IFC),
Indie Genius Productions,
Infinity Media, Inc.,
Insomnia Media Group,
Integrated Films & Management,
Intermedia Film Equities USA, Inc.,
International Arts Entertainment,
International Television Group,
Intrepid Pictures,
Intuition Productions,
Ironworks Production,
Ivy Films,
Jack Angel Productions Inc.,
Janicek-Marino Creative,
Jaret Entertainment,
Jenkins Entertainment,
Jigsaw Pictures,
Joada Productions, Inc.,
Joel Films,
Judge-Belshaw Entertainment, Inc.,
Junction Films,
Kahn Power Pictures,
Marty Kaplan,
Marty Katz Productions,
Perry Katz Productions,
The Kaufman Company,
Keckins Projects, Ltd.,
Keller Entertainment Group,
Kenneth Johnson Productions,
Keystone Entertainment, Inc.,
Kinetic Filmworks,
David Kirschner Productions,
Randal Kleiser Productions,
The Knight Company,
Kathryn Knowlton Productions,
The Konigsberg-Smith Company,
Konwiser Brothers,
Krainin Productions, Inc.,
The Jonathan Krane Group,
La Luna Films,
David Lancaster Productions,
Lance Entertainment, Inc.,
Landers Productions,
Larco Productions, Inc.,
Michael G. Larkin Productions,
The Late Bloomer Company, Ltd.,
Laugh Factory Entertainment,
Launchpad Productions,
The Jerry Leider Company,
Leo Films and Urban Movies,
Malcolm Leo Productions,
Lett/Reese International Productions,
Zane W. Levitt Productions,
Light Renegade Entertainment, Inc.,
Lighthouse Entertainment,
Limelight Films, Inc.,
Lion Eyes Entertainment,
Lions Gate Entertainment,
Peter Locke Productions,
Londine Productions,
Lonetree Entertainment,
Longbow Productions,
Longfellow Pictures,
Looking Glass Productions,
Lynn Loring Productions,
Lotus Pictures,
Lucky Crow Films,
Luminair Entertainment,
Lunaria Films,
The Lynn Company,
Tami Lynn Productions,
The Machine, LLC,
Guy Magar Films,
Magnet Management,
Michael Mailer Films,
MakeMagic Productions,
Managed Passion Films,
Mandate Pictures,
Manifest Film Company,
Marmont Productions, Inc.,
The Marshak/Zachary Company,
MarVista Entertainment,
Mary Ann-LaGlo Productions,
Mase/Kaplan Productions, Inc.,
Master Notions LA/NYC,
Matador Pictures,
Matovich Productions,
Matrixx Entertainment,
MERCER Film Group Inc.,
Meridian Films,
Patricia K. Meyer Productions,
Terence Michael Productions, Inc.,
Millennium Films,
Mindfire Entertainment,
Miranda Entertainment,
The Mirisch Corporation,
Rene Missel Productions,
Mission Entertainment,
Mobius International,
Monarex Hollywood Corporation,
Montage Entertainment,
Montivagus Productions,
Moore/Cramer Productions,
Morgenstern Entertainment,
Morningstar Entertainment,
Jeff Morton Productions,
Moshag Productions, Inc.,
Mozark Productions,
MRI, Inc.,
Murphy Boyz Productions,
Mutual Film Company,
MWG Productions,
Naaila Entertainment,
Nanas Hart Entertainment,
Nasser Entertainment Group,
National Lampoon,
Nelson Madison Films,
Net Effect Media, Inc.,
Never A Dull Moment Productions, Inc.,
New Amsterdam Entertainment, Inc.,
New Crime Productions,
New Generation Films, Inc.,
New Wave Entertainment,
Vincent Newman Entertainment,
Peter Newman Productions, Inc.,
No Restrictions Entertainment/Cinema Bravo,
Noble House Entertainment, Inc.,
Nobody Productions,
Noon Attack Pictures,
Nova Pictures,
Nu Image,
Odd Lot Entertainment,
Offerman Entertainment,
Oil & Water Productions,
Lin Oliver Productions,
Omega Entertainment,
One Roof Entertainment,
One Step Productions,
Open Road Films,
The Orphanage,
Ostrow & Company,
Out of the Blue . . . Entertainment,
Outerbanks Entertainment,
Outlaw Productions,
The Over the Hill Gang,
Pacifica Film Development, Inc.,
Pacifica International Film and TV,
George Paige Associates, Inc.,
Palomar Pictures,
Pamplin Film Company,
Paradigm Studio,
Paradox Productions, Inc.,
Paraskevas Studios,
Park Ex Pictures,
Participant Productions,
P.A.T. Productions,
Pathfinder Pictures, LLC,
Patriot Pictures, LLC,
Paulist Productions,
Daniel L. Paulson Productions,
PAYASO Entertainment,
PB Management,
PDQ Directions, Inc.,
Peace Arch Entertainment Group Inc.,
Pearl Pictures,
Pebblehut Too, Inc.,
Persistent Entertainment,
Pet Fly Productions,
Stephen Pevner, Inc.,
The Frederick S. Pierce Company,
Pink Slip Pictures,
Piranha Pictures, Inc.,
PlasterCITY Productions,
Platinum Studios, LLC,
Plum Pictures,
Plumeria Entertainment,
PLUS Entertainment, Inc.,
Pollywog Entertainment, Inc,
Populuxe Pictures,
Porchlight Entertainment,
Port Magee Pictures, Inc.,
Practical Pictures,
Premier Attractions, Inc.,
The Producers,
Production Logistics, Inc.,
Proud Mary Entertainment,
Quinn Productions,
The Radmin Company,
Rafelson Media,
Rainbow Film Company/Rainbow Releasing,
Rainstorm Entertainment, Inc.,
Peggy Rajski Productions,
Randwell Productions,
Raw Nerve Films,
Recorded Picture Company,
Red Diamond Company,
Red Hen Productions,
Red-Horse Productions,
Marian Rees Associates,
Relish Productions,
Revelations Entertainment,
Revolution Studios,
Reynolds Entertainment,
RH Factor,
Rhythm & Hues Studios,
Rice & Beans Productions,
River One Films,
RJN Productions, Inc.,
RKO Pictures, LLC,
R.L. Entertainment, Inc.,
Rocket Science Laboratories,
Rocking Horse Productions,
Rockstone Pictures,
Romano Shane International,
Zvi Howard Rosenman Productions,
RSF Productions,
S Pictures, Inc.,
Alan Sacks Productions, Inc.,
Sacred Dogs Entertainment, LLC,
Salty Features,
Sander/Moses Productions, Inc.,
Saphier Productions,
Savoir Faire Productions,
Scarlet Fire Entertainment,
Schachter Entertainment,
Edgar J. Scherick Associates, Inc.,
Faye Schwab Productions/MMA, Inc.,
Schwartz & Company, Inc.,
Scout Productions,
SekretAgent Productions,
Senza Pictures,
Serenade Films,
Serendipity Productions, Inc.,
Seven Arts Pictures,
Shatter Glass Productions, Inc.,
Shoreline Entertainment,
Signature Pictures,
Silver Dream Productions,
Silverline Entertainment, Inc.,
Silvers/Koster Productions, Inc.,
Simsie Films/Media Savant Pictures,
Sitting Ducks Productions,
Mary Jane Skalski,
Skippy Dog Productions,
Skylark Films, Ltd.,
Skyline Pictures, LLC,
Daniel Sladek Entertainment Corporation,
Slipnot! Productions/SPG,
Smokin' Gun Productions,
Snapdragon Films, Inc.,
Sneak Preview Entertainment, Inc.,
Solo One Productions,
The Sommers Company,
South Productions, LLC,
Southern Skies, Inc.,
Sparky Pictures,
Spirit Dance Entertainment,
Spirit Horse Productions,
Spitfire Pictures,
Stampede Entertainment,
Stargazer Entertainment, Inc.,
Starry Night Entertainment,
Steamroller Productions, Inc.,
Mitchell Stein Productions,
The Stevens Company,
Stick Figure Productions,
Stillwater Films,
Stonelock Pictures,
Storm Entertainment,
Storyline Entertainment,
Mel Stuart Productions, Inc.,
Studio Hamburg International Production,
Studio Hamburg WorldWide Pictures,
Sub Rosa Productions, Inc.,
Summerland Entertainment,
Summers Entertainment,
Sunlight Productions,
Suntaur/Elsboy Entertainment,
Ronald Suppa Productions, Inc.,
Susie Q Productions,
Sweeney Entertainment,
Symphony Pictures, Inc.,
Tag Entertainment,
Tailfish Productions,
Talisman Pacific,
Tallulah Films, Inc.,
Tarmac Films,
Taurus Entertainment Company,
Taylor Made Films,
Grazka Taylor Productions,
Michael Taylor Productions,
Tell the Truth Pictures,
Telling Pictures, Inc.,
Tempest Entertainment,
Nancy Tenenbaum Films,
Larry Thompson Organization,
Thousand Words,
Threshold Entertainment,
Tomorrow Film Corporation,
Tooley Productions,
Totem Productions,
Treasure Entertainment,
TriCoast Studios,
Tricor Entertainment,
Trillion Entertainment, Inc.,
Trivision Pictures, LLC/DH1 Studios,
Troma Enterainment, Inc.,
True Friend Productions,
Tulchin Entertainment,
The Turman Inc. Picture Company,
Jon Turtle Productions,
Norman Twain Productions,
Twilight Pictures, Inc.,
Two Oceans Entertainment Group,
Two Stepp Productions,
Unger Productions, Inc.,
Unistar International Pictures,
Unity Communications,
Unpainted Pictures,
Upstart Entertainment,
Urban Entertainment,
Rene Valente Productions,
Valhalla Motion Pictures,
VanDerKloot Film Studio,
Vanguard Films,
Vanguard Productions,
Vantage Entertainment,
Joseph S. Vecchio Entertainment,
Ventana Films,
Mark Victor Productions,
Vienna Productions,
View Askew Productions, Inc.,
Dimitri Villard Productions,
Visionbox Media Group,
Vista Street Entertainment,
Viviano Feldman Entertainment,
von Zerneck-Sertner Films,
Vulcan Productions,
The Robert D. Wachs Company,
Walker/Fitzgibbon TV/Films,
War & Wisdom Entertainment,
Watershed Films,
Jim Wedaa Productions,
Weed Road Pictures,
West Egg Studios, Inc.,
White Sneakers, Inc.,
Whitewater Films,
Whyaduck Productions, Inc.,
WilMark Entertainment, Inc.,
Brad Wilson Productions, Inc.,
Wilson/Woods Productions,
The Winer Company,
Winsome Productions,
Dan Witt Productions,
Witt-Thomas Films,
Fred Wolf Films,
Your Half Pictures,
Zane Buzby & Conan Berkeley Productions,
The Zanuck Company,
Zephyr Productions,
Zero Pictures,
Zieger Productions,
Zokalo Entertainment,
Zollo Productions, Inc.
Zuckerman Entertainment,
Wolfmill Entertainment,
The Woofenill Works, Inc.
World of Wonder Productions,
Mark Yellen Productions,
Yellow Hat Productions, Inc,
The York Company,
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Re: FYI: Media list of e-mails you all may contact directly if

Postby drstillstanding » Wed Feb 08, 2012 3:29 am

I am working on an INTERNATIONAL media campaign.

If everyone writes or e-mails to at least five of the companies listed in the first e-mail I sent, we can get the world out and who knows someone may actually do a segment on TMAU and how some TMAU patients live. It's free only take a few minutes and it's worth a shot?

Maybe if the production companies that are looking for new ideas are FLOODED with e-mails from us, they just may do a story on us?

Exposure is needed.

The 2012 challenge is to employers "why not hire me, I am qualified? I have TMAU?"

Thank you.

Very Sincerely,

Cheryl Fields
Dr. StillStanding---somehow?
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Re: FYI: Media list of e-mails you all may contact directly if

Postby drstillstanding » Wed Feb 08, 2012 4:52 am

Okay, okay, everyone, here is a sample letter. I have been getting slammed about what to write, you can change it up and use your own name if you want to. You can even tell your own stories about having TMAU and/or body odor issues. It's NOT the Cheryl Fields story, it is OUR story, anyone who wants to be contacted, list your contact information.


7 February 2012

Dear Producer: (or whatever the title is)

I appreciate your time and assistance. I know you all are very busy. I shall keep this e-mail very succinct.

There is a small group of people living with Trimethylaminuria (TMAU), a rare metabolic disease that produces a very offensive and foul body odor for the patients who have TMAU. Often the patients are subjected to cruel, condescending, evil, acts and even hate crimes. The disorder is not due to lack of personal grooming.

For more information, please contact YOUR NAME or Cheryl Fields, MBA, Ph.D. (ABD), Director of Community Outreach at MEBO Research, Inc. (, or (785)-286-7005.

It would be great if a documentary or film could be done on people living with TMAU.

Thank you so very much for your time and assistance.

Very Sincerely,

Cheryl Fields, MBA, Ph.D. (ABD)
Director of Community Outreach
2535 S.E. Adams Street
Topeka, Kansas 66605-1232
(785)-286-7005, Home/Voice-Mail
Electronic Mail:

Read more: ... z1llLq2ZVY
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