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bad breath if not TMAU

Postby lyndsey » Sun Jul 10, 2011 11:07 am

Hi everyone

Hope you all doing well and keep up great work Mallory maybe petition didnt go well at start as people couldnt get on to it. I have been bad on diet recently and suffering from too much acid the doc prescribed lansoprazole on Tuesday and the I too have lost the fishy odour after three days. It would be good if research was carried out on the connection, or maybe good bacteria works better when stomach acid is lowered. To all of us that have not got a diagnosis of TMAU yet, other factors to consider is allergies. I was worried about one of my daughters and her breath smelling like pooh she was tested for helicobacher which was negative, so I took her to the herbalist who diagnosed a dairy allergy and parasites, this was only at start of week and she has not had bad breath in last few days. This may be another route to consider if not diagnosed with TMAU and suffer from bad breath. The herbalist also said estrogen (hormone) is affected by dairy products, but once dairy out of diet hormones will balance again. Anyone else cut out dairy and had good results. I hope to get to meet you all in Sept if the funds are ok.

Love Lyndsey
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Re: bad breath if not TMAU

Postby smelly » Sun Jul 10, 2011 2:17 pm

lyndesy, even my old gp, who said I didnt smell :? , admitted that eating dairy can make some peoples breath smell, although he stopped short of what the smell might be, or why. I think so long as you try to get all the benefits of dairy in other forms, like taking calcium supps or watever, Im sure we suffer no harm in cutting it out. And thats so interesting about the medication affecting stomach acid.When Marias bloodborne site gets the funds, hopefully all these little 'clues' can be investigated :D ....
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