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Re: A little something for you all.

Postby BLUEY » Sat Dec 18, 2010 10:51 pm

Hi Kitty,
Hopefully you will be right and it wont be anything to worry about or it will clear up, been trying to think that way as like you said am already abit stressed so didnt want to make it worse. Dont think being a smoker has helped either and also it being to do with the lungs has made me abit paranoid, but all shall be found out on monday. Good or bad i shall take it how it comes and deal with it there on and after, no point in over thinking or guessing about something untill you know the facts and over winding myself up without real cause at the mo. Thank you so much for the good luck, support and caring wishes, Kitty and everyone and i shall let you know as soon as i can about the outcome. That was so deeply sad about that girl at that funeral kitty reading that really plucked at me heart strings, even at a time like that some people just cant leave it alone i mean were's the respect and allowing her to just grieve poor poor girl. You crack me up kitty you really do, keep my eyes peeled for the nurses, chance would be a fine thing and a lady in a uniform that would just be a bonus, mind you if your getting one of your feelings you never know lol. Bless you, your like a ray of sunshine and you have put a smile on my face.

Love and massive hugs

Bluey x x x
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