we are more than tmau

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we are more than tmau

Postby flower » Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:28 am

Thanks everyone for the advice
I am going to read the book of lindsay
I realised that I have been very alone
I was a prisoner in my own body
It is more easy to talk about another disease I think...
The diagnosis is so intensive for me....after knowing such a long time
there was something wrong and finally I discussed with my GP....
There are some very wrong thoughts too related to my own personality
not related to tmau
We must put all our energy together and battle this disease....
We are more than just a rare diagnosis of tmau
And it is not only to do with odours , there are people who like you and people you have not much in common with....

Idealist, you are so intelligent, I must read your things twice before understanding them.
You must go to University
not tomorrow , not next week BUT JUST KNOW
It can just not be the intention of live tot leave University
Dont even think ones about it and run to move on, that s where you belong, it s your destiny
Where there is a belief there is a way.
I am going to fight too, back to my work and building up my self esteem
Not only what other people thinks of me....
I must go for what I believe....

Now I must go back to reality and calm down a little, maybe I come back in this forum next week or next month
Otherwise I am going to start thinking to much again...

Things will working out....for all of us.....Thanks all
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Re: we are more than tmau

Postby flower » Sat Nov 27, 2010 8:13 am

The greatest thing in the world

Things are not always...
what they seem
We think when people make remarks
they hate us....
I can feel the greatest loving between mother and children..

My little sun sometimes says that I am smelling....
But the same moment he took me in his arms and
stays that way all evening long on the sofa....

What is real meaning of life ?????

We must give things a place but not figure it out.
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Re: we are more than tmau

Postby lyndsey » Sat Nov 27, 2010 11:52 pm

Hi Flower

You remined me of something I said last week. My wee dog had been sick last week and because shes a shitsui odour would stick to her beard until she bathed. My daughter wouldnt let her lie beside her on the sofa because of the smell and when I came in I said come lie beside me your more than a smell to me your my wee pippin. Your totally right when someone loves another it doesnt matter because we are more than a smell. Take care and hope you enjoying your weekend.

Lyndsey x
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Re: we are more than tmau

Postby flower » Sun Nov 28, 2010 10:22 am

Hi Lindsay,

Thanks for your reply.
I think you are a great person.
I was in crisis and it is because of your private message I realised that it is important to have some commons with other people.
I reply on your personal messages but I think I have done something wrong....

Anyway, I am sorry to let everyone know what thougts that I have; I must not let others see to the deepest of my soul....but I can t go back.

It is kind of you that you at least asked to the newest member why he is on the forum so that we can see if he have good intentions.... We must give everybody the chance to explain things at least.

Maybe we have one thing in common, maybe more things too but the one thing is that you work also in social sector with people who are sometimes at the bottom of their lives.

I am going on with this, or when it doesn t work out with my diet to reduce the odour just a little I am going to try people helping by phone , those who really are on the bottom of their live and need to reach a hand from someone, just the knowing they were not alone and there is always something to get out, and there is always God tot help us....

I had a lovely go out with friends yesterday who really likes me because of what I am , nothing to do with odous...
It s good to have some people who cares about each other. and that will healing all our wounds...

Take care of yourself

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Re: we are more than tmau

Postby flower » Mon Nov 29, 2010 11:03 pm

Why say people no :
because they know it but...
not WANT tot know it...
they really want not accept it...
Maybe I can pretend eveybody wants me around me on workplace...
But we must surface the deapest reality otherwise you can
pretending your whole life....
I must go to the ground to get back to levels....
The time of pretending has no satisfaction anymore...
Maybe we must use folders in every community place...
People just be aware this is a really disease that effects you in any way..
your body seems intact and healthy but it effects your social, psychological and thougtfull life...
It brings you to the ground
I find maybe satisfaction to help people who are really on the ground...
You must just know they must a reaching hand

....or must I surface other people with this deepest reality too
that they can really feel I am also a human being wanting a normal life

...I must figure this out
I am going to throw the ball in the other camp
When they really not give me signs that I must leave I will stay
Just let the others choose.
When I leave know it hasn t had just an opportunity

Maybe I am really more than a smell and they till me up above the sky

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Re: we are more than tmau

Postby flower » Fri Dec 10, 2010 10:27 am

acting en go on

your mind in action...
to find solutions...
you create a world...
your body don t create things...
just a rich mind.
But sometimes we need a time out!!!!!!
Always thinking am I on the right wat
Do I deserve doing my job
Sometimes I think I must look for another job
But I don t want leave my job
Always looking for a way out when my way isn t the right way...
Maybe I must stop thinking
just acting
create things
not dreaming about the ideal world
just lives a live
what we want to live
There is the future, magic and white
The future has his secrets
We will find out about the secrets in future
just acting and go on
We need this to do
because there are also young people with tmau
...and they deserve a beautiful live....

We must all go on with our lives, on our own way....

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