This could be amazing but I have some doubts

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Re: This could be amazing but I have some doubts

Postby robert123 » Thu Nov 14, 2013 11:06 am

Hi Poetfire,
Thanks for your very informative post. If you didn't hear of bacteria producing fm03 before that's good enough for me, the clinican must have got confused alright. That's slightly worrying but at least he knows about tmau unlike most doctors.
Assuming I've understood you correctly (never a safe assumption with me) the effect of fm03 or more to the point how a lack of fm03 affects the gut bacteria is extremely interesting. I've never come across it before but it makes perfect sense. There's always been a clear distinction drawn between primary (liver - fm03 not working) tmau and secondary (gut bacteria - fm03 works fine) tmau on the websites I've been reading. But there's been a good few posters on here and other forums who've said how they had a few tmau tests done and sometimes it might be a borderline tmau1 result and other times it was tmau2. So perhaps there isn't that clear distinction in reality for most sufferers. Your theory about a lack of fm03 disrupting the gut bacteria explains this. Also it explains why probiotics can help tmau 1 people somewhat also.
Unfortunately though I guess that would mean the bacteria implanted through a ft could over time be affected the same way and so you'd end up with the same problem after a while.
Btw GG just to let you know I did read before how Dr MacCoonachie was using fts only for c. difficle cases but that was a while ago so hopefully he'll have expanded his horizon. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
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Re: This could be amazing but I have some doubts

Postby PoetFire » Thu Nov 14, 2013 8:34 pm

Hi Robert. Im not ruling out totally the idea that gut bacteria may have some FMO3 present in them. I just don't know. My own suspicion is that FMO3 is present in the gut, given that many sulfides and amines are produced there. Personally I think it is probably present in the colon lining or something (within the colonocytes or something). That way it could oxdize nasty sulfides and amines before they were absorbed.

FMO3 is thought of as a hepatic enzyme but like most of these enzymes they are present at other parts of the body too. It's just that the liver is the majority area it is present. FMO3 is probably in the brain etc.

Yes I do wonder about TMAU1 and TMAU2 results and how some can get both. Personally I think anyone with a very slight weakness with their FMO3 function may be vulnerable to FMO3 smells whether its primary or secondary. I have a feeling very mild cases are prone to TMAU2. What I mean is, personally I don't think 'normal' people ever get TMAU2. I think its because the person has a slight lower FMO3 function and for example their gut microbiome turns bad. Maybe even their enzyme can be affected by modulation due to hormones etc too.

Its just a theory at the momonet.
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