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Home remedies

Postby idealist » Wed Jun 19, 2013 7:09 am

I know many may not be a big fan of home remedies, but sometimes people may need a quick solution when testing out different treatment methods. I watched a bbc documentary the other day about ancient manuscripts, and one of the information was about toothpaste-''not only would the toothpaste make your teeth white but make your breath smell nice''. The ingredients were salt, sugar and charcoal (i wonder if charcoal capsules could be used). Although the problem may be in the gut/unable to digest -this may help in the short term !
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Re: Home remedies

Postby Weak » Sun Sep 15, 2013 5:18 am

Basically charcoal is burned wood. When you burn would these tiny holes are formed in the burnt wood. These tiny holes are great for capturing things that you may not want floating around in your body, once captured the charcoal carries it out of your body when you #2.. Activated Charcoal is regular charcoal taken to the next level as it is oxidized which drastically increases the amount of holes, increasing the surface area, which increases the amount of bad things taken out per amount taken. As far as capsules go they only make activated charcoal capsules, for good reason.

Its a great short term remedy as it basically helps carry out all the things that the guy cannot digest, things that would normally sit and rot inside the stomach/gut would be picked up by the activated charcoal, which the stomach also cannot digest, and is carried out via stool.
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