Anywone know tremarax works?

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Anywone know tremarax works?

Postby bcto1ma » Wed Jan 02, 2013 11:05 am

In website says (Tremarax: A unique Trimethylaminuria product)
Anywone have try?
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Re: Anywone know tremarax works?

Postby Weak » Thu Jan 03, 2013 8:34 pm

Its a scam, there are a few complaints about it either not being delivered or coming in flimsy packaging, they have no customer service and the ingredients they list dont show much reason as to why they would help. If someone markets something as specifically helping something you would expect an explanation as to why it does so. Tremarax doesn't even bother explaining, as a matter of fact after the heading it doenst even mention TMAU and goes into paragraphs of lip services saying how everyone agrees as to how good it is.

To me it seems like someone trying to take advantage for the fact that people with TMAU are looking for some kind of help by offering some kind of miracle cure. You see the same thing with people claiming to have come up with some special weightloss pill that lets you eat all the things you want to eat, do no excersise and STILL lose weight or for those website sites that tell you that you can make 5,000$ a week from working at home. The pattern is they all offer something that seems too good to be true, charge a high cost (that is seemingly justified because there product is so amazing), and offer little to no real explanation on why or how there product works.

I would buy it and test it out just to be sure but I dont have an extra 65$ laying around. All in all it does seem like a scam.

Nullo cost 20$, copper chlorophyll cost 20$ and activated charcoal cost 10$ with Ribovlavin tablets costing under 5$ and activated charcoal blacksoap costing 5-15$(depending on where you look). For the same price as this "Miracle Cure" you can buy the whole TMAU regimen set, now all you have to do is go on the diet along with it and your set.
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