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Postby malory » Thu Nov 01, 2012 2:06 pm

Taymount Clinic have sent me a very detailed brochure regarding the treatment of gut dysbiosis with fecal bacteriotherapy via enema. It is expensive: £4000, and of course we have no guarantee it will work... Still, it is at least available in the UK and the preliminary diet etc looks very interesting. I have e-mailed Glenn at Taymont and he is fully aware of odour conditions and how it affects us financially as well. However, if we show interest, there is a possibility that he may come up with an idea to assist us in acquiring the treatment more economically perhaps. worth a try anyway, as I think this could potentially help some of us (also, Dr Mc Connaghie who does the treatment for the NHS up in Scotland did not reply to our requests, so we have to look at private clinics). The info brochure is excellent. If you are interested in receiving the brochure , here are the details:

Taymount Clinic for Digestive Health
The Taymount Clinic
1st floor
16a High Street
tel. 01462 712500


ps. I don't work for the clinic! Wish I did - may get a cheaper treatment!
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