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Postby Jackal » Wed Jan 18, 2012 7:46 am

Where can I get some in the uk?

There's so many different ones on the internet
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Re: chlorophyll

Postby bubbles » Wed Jan 18, 2012 7:03 pm

Hey J,
I have been using Nullo but it is a pain as these have to be shipped from USA but I have heard that some people have been pleased with Soloray cholorophyll which i think is available from amazon uk, I am going to try this next as it is a good bit cheaper than Nullo and more convenient to get plus we have so many things to take that it all adds up so I am going to make a swap to this myself once my Nullo runs out. Bubbles
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Re: chlorophyll

Postby smelly » Wed Jan 18, 2012 9:04 pm

Has anyone actually found that this works and if so have you been diagnosed with TMAU? I wondered if it works as a general deoderizer but if you have TMAU you get an adverse reaction to some of the ingredients so counteract its positive effects?
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Re: chlorophyll

Postby Maisie » Thu Jan 19, 2012 6:47 pm

I tried both Nullo and the Soloray one and neither of them worked for me, in fact they seemed to make the smell worse. I was diagnosed with TMAU1 in November 2010 but a DNA test came back negative so presume it's TMAU2.
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Re: chlorophyll

Postby PoetFire » Fri Jan 20, 2012 2:08 pm

I think chlorophyll is the same in any supplement, so there is no need to go for expensive brands imho. Nullo does a lot of advertising as a high-class brand but I think the likes of solaray will do. I use solaray when I use chlorophyll, although I also get bad vibes about it. At first it made me very ill. I don't think the full picture of 'fecal body odor' has been established yet, so I don't feel confident about any protocol at the moment.
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Re: chlorophyll

Postby smelly » Sat Jan 21, 2012 6:16 pm

I did a search of the forum to find out what we all said about chlorophyl/chlorophyllin last time.

I posted that Id read on a 'health' site that copper chlorophyllin can be made from algae or alfalfa. Health sites that recommend eating lots of choline for good health recommend eating alfalfa and algae to obtain lots of choline in diet. Algae doesnt seem to be on th echoline content table but alfalfa sprouts are and theres about 5mg choline per serving, but who knows whether all the choline goes into the tablet or if it even gets concentrated during the extraction process??

If you cant smell your odour like me, Id be a bit cautious about taking this because I took spirullina supplements which were made from algae and apparently they made me really stink, but of course I couldnt smell it. I do think that I could smell the tablets themselves though, when i went back to the container after people had complained about the increase in odour, so maybe give the container of chlorophyllin a good sniff to get an idea of whether there might be a problem with it.

Also, make sure the tablets are copper chlorophyllin not just chlorophyll or you'd be wasting your time. The paper to read is...

Effects of the dietary supplements, activated charcoal and copper chlorophyllin, on urinary excretion of trimethylamine in Japanese trimethylaminuria patients. Yamazaki H, Fujieda M, Togashi M, Saito T, Preti G, Cashman JR, Kamataki T.

and says to use 180mg per day.
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