at what time do you all take the supplements

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at what time do you all take the supplements

Postby flower » Thu Apr 28, 2011 12:05 pm


I have just decided to try to live my life as before and only do the diet and take the supplements.

If nobody is complaining anymore, I just do things like I did before,
If life is still difficult for me, I will change jobs...

But when do you all take this medication ? I have no experience in it.... I guess some of you have the experience to take this supplements of the protocol.

Chlorophyll tablets 3 times a day, must I take them after each meal ?

Norit (charcoal) 2 times 500 mg, can I take it by food or before or after dinner, in the morning or in the everning, is other medication working when you take charcoal ?

Riboflavine 2 times 100 mg, before or after food ? How late must i take this ?

bifiteral (laxantia) 15 mg x 2 When have I to take this.

The VSL 3 : I take it in the morning by food in a glass water.

Maybe someone can answer me.

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