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Postby Jordan » Mon Feb 21, 2011 7:17 pm

Hey Peeps.

I havent contributed around here much (just mainly in the intro section) primarily because im still in the diagnosis phase. However I have been reading around the forum a lot.

I read the topic by Kittykat on Isovaleric Acidemia (sweaty feet) being linked to the same gene. This is a condition that both my father suffers with and that I used to suffer with. This lead me down the long path of 'well maybe the smell is coming from my feet'.

I have also read the thread regarding perspirex.

Whilst undergoing my 'maybe its my feet' stage I was recommended to use driclor from others who had bromhidrosis in the same area. After applying it to the soles of my feet for a week or so the odor had completely vanished. I know this because unlike the TMAU-esque odor, I could completely smell the foot odor (I cant smell the odor im currently being tested for like so many others on this forum - well I say that, I do notice a 'burnt rubber' sort of odor but I dont know whether thats linked - and no-one else has mentioned a 'burnt rubber' odor to me - they mainly say faecal, just not as politely :roll: ).

After reading the perspirex thread it I looked into perspirex and it apears to have the same active ingredient as driclor (Aluminium Chloride - the ingredient which blocks the sweat glands) but appears to be around 3 times more expensive :o

Currently on chemist direct:
Perspirex = £5.65 for 25ml
Driclor = £5.15 for 75ml !!

I did try to apply driclor to other parts of my body eg the upper parts of my feet and underarm. I WOULDNT RECOMMEND THIS. It is very strong and I felt like I was on fire :lol: lol. Maybe I just have a low pain threshold.

I did see on The One Show the guy who was applying lots of powders etc to his feet. Trust me ive been through that stage aswell. I tried:

-Regular Talc - It didnt do much other than leave talc footprints wherever I went

-Odor Eaters Foot Powder: Worked better than talc but still didnt quell the odor plus it has a grainy consistency which isnt that great to be walking around with all day

-Gold Bond powder (The green bottle): This probably worked best as it helps cool the area thus helping to prevent sweating. It also smells nice. Downside is I could only find it in the states and thus the price is around $15 a bottle including shipping ( = A LOT FOR US POOR STUDENTS :D )

Aswell as not fully stopping the odour the powders also led to other issues. IE when you have a nice black suit and shoes on I would often get white powder all over my legs - not exactly the look I was going for :lol:

Just as a final tip I fell into the trap of - 'well surely my feet would be cooler if I wore thin socks' BIG NO NO. If you wear thin socks the sweat clings to them and your feet and allowing the odour to develop. Wear thick ones and they wick the sweat away and allow you feet to breathe better. Trust me theyre a big improvement.

If you are currently trying to find your odour and want to eliminate it coming from your feet I would suggest these three steps:

1. Driclor on the soles of your feet (apply on a night and wash off in the morning).
2. Thick socks.
3. Odour eaters in your shoes.

Definately worked for me. Now I just need an 'all body driclor' and Im set lol. The quest continues . . .
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Re: Driclor

Postby idealist » Mon Feb 21, 2011 8:46 pm

Hey Jordan,
Never heard of Driclor???????? But I have used Anhydrol Forte Roll on and Perspirex. They can cause broken skin on some people but the products do work. I think the problem is that once you solve one area, it is likely that the smell will try and escape from another area!
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Re: Driclor

Postby Jordan » Mon Feb 21, 2011 8:57 pm

idealist wrote:I think the problem is that once you slove one area, it is likely that the smell will try and escape from another area!

My thoughts exactly :lol: . The difference being that I could actually smell my feet myself but cant smell the 'all over body odor' I suffer with. :(

Hell the Anhydrol Forte Roll on is even cheaper than the driclor! Good find, I may have to investigate!! :lol:
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