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Re: antidepressants????????????

Postby kittycat » Sat Feb 05, 2011 7:13 pm

I don't think you'll feel any different for at least a week stinky, they have to build up in your system. I reckon it was the 2hrs sleep..I've had longer daydreams than that! Then, they shouldn't make you feel tired, just less anxious, and they might help with the pain your in. Don't forget they can make you feel really weird for a short time, with some sort of pain deep inside you. I think that's whan they're starting to work. Stay calm 8-) and don't suddenly stop taking them. If they just don't work, or make your hands shakey, your doc can give you one of the other types. They all work slightly differently. I really hope they help, love kkx
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