My Tips for coping - and a possible cure?

antibiotics, nullo etc. - what works for you?

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My Tips for coping - and a possible cure?

Postby Caliban » Tue Aug 10, 2010 5:45 pm

Hi Everyone,

Here are some of the things I found helped with the condition - they may help you:
(Some of this may already be familiar to you - and this is a copy of a post I posted in the newbies forum - apologies for repetition).

1. Wash clothes regularly - I found out about the chemistry of washing powder - it is mostly alkali, so consequently is not very efficient at removing TMA from the fabric. Alkali keeps TMA precipitated out of solution and the organic component of TMA sticks to the fibres - so to make it more acidic add one or two teaspoons of citric acid powder to the wash. In the washing machine, the citric acid will combine with the TMA and form a soluble salt that is washed away. And the best washing powder I found was Ecover non-biological - it seems to be best at getting rid of the smell. Citric acid powder is available from most small chemists (not boots unfortunately) but also from chemists online here: ... drate_50g/

2. Use low ph soap. TriMethylAmine is basic (about pH 9.8) so if you used normal alkaline soap, which is also basic, when the TMA emerges from your sweat pores it turns into a vapour that people can smell. If however you use mildly acidic soap (pH 5.5), which is perfectly safe for your skin, then the emerging TMA combines with the acidic soap residue on your skin and forms a salt which stays on your skin. Thus there is less smell.
I have tried SebaMed low pH non-soap cleanser - and this DOES lessen the smell
SebaMed cleansing bar is available from chemists, or online here: ... 12292.html
It is perfectly safe and actually smells quite good and fresh.

3. If you smoke - try to give up. It often says in the TMAU literature that many sufferers of TMAU smoke. But whilst reducing stress, and also masking the smell, the effect of smoking actually tends to reduce your TMA digesting enzyme (FMO3) in the blood still further (the one we are lacking in due to genetic reasons.) So if you stop smoking this will actually help you combat the condition.

4. Diet - avoid seafood and choline-rich foods if you can - I am not an expert on the diet part but others on this forum have written a lot about it elsewhere.

5. Try to get lots of sleep. - I always find I have worse attacks of the condition if I have not had much sleep. Apparently during the time you are asleep, your body is building up the stocks of the enzymes you need during the day. This includes the TMA-digesting enzyme FMO3. So if you sleep longer (or at least enough) you will have more of the enzyme, this will be digesting the TMA in your blood, and your smell will be reduced.

6. Try to avoid stressful situations - if you are calm and relaxed you will not sweat as much and the smell will not be so bad. Bach flower remedies "Rescue Remedy" is a good little tonic that you can get from chemists to relieve stress, or if you have a more clinical stress condition I would advise that you visit your GP about this.

7. Try taking medicinal Charcoal tablets. This absorbs the TMA produced in your gut from digestion, before it ever enters your bloodstream. It works to some extent. A strange side effect is that it turns your poo black, but this can be lived with.
Medicinal charcoal tablets are available from chemists, or online here: ... _9489.html

8. The one that REALLY worked for me is Chlorophyll tablets, or more specifically Copper Clorophyllin. This too absorbs TMA in your gut, and also from your blood stream (it is water soluble, and permeates throughout the body). When I took this I really noticed the smell almost completely go away. I take one 100mg tablet after each meal and one before going to bed, althought I am still in the first week of experimenting with this. I do not think there are any harmful side-effects from this (except dark green poo!).
The Solaray Chlorophill tablets that I have used are available really cheap from Amazon here: ... 222&sr=8-1

9. If furniture that you regularly sit on acquires your fishy smell, at home or at work, I find Febreze odour eliminator spray useful for combatting this, and thus it goes some way to re-building relations with friends and work colleagues.

I hope some of these things help, for those of you who haven't tried them before.

all the best,
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Re: My Tips for coping - and a possible cure?

Postby smelly » Wed Aug 11, 2010 8:31 pm


thanks for all that. i am relieved i already use ecover :) and will be trying the citric acid.

the soap sounds just the job (and good value site - well found!) I could do with something unisex-smelling because Im fed up buying separate toiletries for me and hubby.

I have nullo (havent got round to trying yet because trying to work out diet first) which is supposed to be copper chlorophyl(?) I had to get it (expensively) posted from USA so it is in teresting if you are getting good results from something cheaper to access.

I agree with the sleep nicotine and stress :shock:

I dont think much of fabreze but at my workplace its the favourite buzzword, in conjunction with darted eyes in my direction :? so I think most would agree with you :lol:

the charcoal is supposed to help a bit, but I gather cant be used continually because it absorbs everything indiscriminately, nutrients, contraception pills, medication....

thanks for thinking of us! :D
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Re: My Tips for coping - and a possible cure?

Postby Caliban » Thu Aug 12, 2010 1:48 pm

Hi Smelly,
I'm glad you liked the tips.
Do try the Nullo as soon as you can and I hope you will be pleasantly surprised! Yes, Nullo is copper chlorophyllin, same as Solaray Chlorophyll from Amazon. I can confirm from the Nullo site - it is soluble and so permeates throughout your body, getting rid of the smell
Copper Chlorophyllin was really the best thing for me, and after that it doesn't matter so much what I eat.
I am beginning to realise that different people seem to have the condition with different levels of severity, so you may need to try all of the above.
As for office upholstery - don't get me started - that has been my biggest nightmare at work. At one job I was there for 5 years, always on the verge of being sacked for some pretext, but always managing to avoid it. At first, I swapped chairs around - then after a while I realised all the chairs smelt!! Gradually the office started to smell worse and worse. Eventually the only solution was to hire an industrial upholstery cleaner and sneak into the office with it at night, and clean everything in sight. But another employee discovered me at it. God knows what they thought. That kind of crazy thing went on for years. When the company salesman went on tour - he used to hide his chair in case someone swapped it - because he had one that didn't smell!!! I think many of the people who left that company were influenced by the smell. Looking back the whole thing was a hilarious farce, but it was a nightmare at the time.
In more recent years, I have bought myself one of those nylon mesh chairs, which has no foam so it doesn't 'soak up' the smell of my sweat, and is much easier to clean. This has really helped. I have changed jobs several times, but over the years as I have learnt more coping strategies and things are getting better.
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Re: My Tips for coping - and a possible cure?

Postby shania12345 » Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:06 pm


Do you follow the low choline diet at all? Have you been diagnosed with TMAU?

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Re: My Tips for coping - and a possible cure?

Postby Caliban » Fri Aug 13, 2010 9:10 am

Hi Shania,
I had a urine sample sent off to be tested in Sheffield, and the result came back positive.
Since then, due to personal issues, I lost touch with my consultant. I have been trying for some months to get another appointment.
I did have a gut bacteria test at hospital that came back negative.
I would like to get a genetic test done, ideally, since the previous results suggest I have TMAU1 rather than TMAU2

I try to avoid fish and seafood, but this is really difficult because I like it so much, so I have it occasionally.
I have kind of learned to avoid the food that makes me smell worse, but I do love my food so I wouldn't want to entirely rule anything out.
When I hook up with my consultant again, I want to see the dietitian that he promised to arrange for me, so that I can become more aware of all the proper dietary information.

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Re: My Tips for coping - and a possible cure?

Postby Caliban » Fri Aug 13, 2010 9:23 am

Hi again,
This person writes on another forum how her son copes with the condition.
There are extra ideas on here, such as Vitamin B2 (which I am just trying), diet and charcoal.
This one is really good...

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Re: My Tips for coping - and a possible cure?

Postby ani » Sat Sep 04, 2010 8:49 pm

Hi Caliban,

Thanks for your tips for coping, my name is ani from California, and I was wondering if you suffer from bad breath(halitosis) also? My big problem is my breath. I have good oral hygiene and always see dentist, but still it isnt enough...
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