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Postby gazela » Sun May 09, 2010 12:20 pm

:D Hi Everyone

I have some imformation regarding the treatment I have been trying since the end of last year, I have some really promising good news, it seems to be working and making my life a great deal easier.

I have been sticking to a very strict diet, and I mean strict ! It is hard to find ways to get the protein I need but with a lot of thought and effort I have managed. This is a diet to limit the amount of Choline I intake, it also cuts out almost comlpetely any Trimethylamine, ie; from seafood etc. I also have to avoid food with Lethicine (E322) found in many ready prepared foods.

Then I take a course of antibiotics (Neomycin,Metronidazole or Amoxicllin) for 2 weeks, this is to lower the amount of Trimethylamine in my body. After that I take probioticts to help restore the good bacteria in my stomach. I also take Riboflavin Vitamin B2 capsules every day. After another 6 weeks I do it all again.

This along with my daily Charcoal with either, Champex, Odor-Cleanse, Body-Mints or Chlorofresh and very elaborate cleanliness routine have certainly had a very good effect.

At the momment I find it very difficult to be confident that it is has totally cleared the odour, but I do feel it has lowered it to a much more tollerable level. I have started to do a few things that I would not have done before the treatment started.

Well I can only hope this is of some interest and use for any other sufferers and helps in some way?

Good luck to all

8-) Gazela
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Postby Adrian » Tue May 11, 2010 11:17 am

thanks very interesting port, im yet to be diagnoised with tmau yet. I am currently doing exams and have decided to approach my GP about tmau. I am nervous to do so as he said I was just paranoid last time I talked no him about it. I don't want to start a diet yet incase it affects my results provided he lets me get tested as you can imagen it is very hard at the minute to just get through the day. I am very interested in talking to people suffering from the same problem, send me a message if you would like to chat sometime.
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Postby peony » Tue May 11, 2010 1:32 pm

Hello Adrian,
As someone who is also preparing an exam of sorts, I am hestitant to cut out choline altogether. After all, it is labelled `brain food`. Regarding diagnosis, I was encouraged by having seen Michelle on Embarrassing Bodies- encouraged, in the sense, to distinguish between a social taboo and a medical problem. About a week later, I downloaded the info about TMAU, put it in an envelope and handed it to receptionist of my Health Centre. That way, my GP would know the purpose of my consultation, and not dismiss me as `mad`. Within a few hours of my consultation, I had a referral to a consultant.
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