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manuka honey

Postby lyndsey » Thu Jul 17, 2014 9:08 am

Hi everyone

Its a long time since I have been on here so hope you all keepin well. I have finally got Gp to refer me for test as I started new job which young people told me I stank either of a chemical smell or country smell I left job and went to GP I got urone test done six weeks ago to be told it wasnt transported properly so couldnt be used so have to test again. I have started taking two teaspoons of manuka honey 15+ from sainsburys £14 as girl on newspaper states it cured her crohns disease after 3 months.

I also have starting using johnstons baby naturals as it has ph 4.4 asda sells range around £2 I have started juicing carrot celery beetroot fennel and ginger every morning all is helping mood as I really had reached crisis point. I also went to accupunture he tpld stomach was weak and I also had repressed feelings from childhood I dont if this applies to any of you but idealist once said about shame and it def applies to me for this I have started doing EFT by Brad yates and also read shame based books and reconnecting to inner child. I dont know if this applies to anyone but due to my childhood I lernt that my needs were not important and I have continued to be senstive tp other peoples needs but my own I am slowly but surely beginning to look after my own needs without feeling guilty. WE ARE IMPORTANT BEAUTIFUL people and its time we started thinking that about ourselves.

Take care

Lyndsey xxxx
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Re: manuka honey

Postby idealist » Tue Sep 30, 2014 10:02 am

Have you ever heard or Gold Ash powder? I remember watching a video in my Anthropology class and there was a segment of a guy in Indonesia claiming his invention called gold ash powder could cure many illness and he claimed it works best when mixed with raw honey. Maybe you should look into mixing it with something else. His medication could be a placebo and the only thing that is an active ingredient was the honey so maybe you are on to something...

Nonetheless, my former neighbor took one of these so called wonder drugs and cured herself of a disease (I forgot what illness she had) and I forgot the drug (I am sure I have mentioned the name before). Anyway it may be safer to stick with the honey.

Also for guilt and shame I have to recommend Bach flower Crab Apple :D
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Re: manuka honey

Postby noturbo » Sun Dec 18, 2016 3:35 pm

I've used manuka honey in the past, actually the exact 15+ one from Sainsburys :D. I was taking it at the time as I was trying my damndest to figure out my odour problem. I've gone months and months trying to treat what I suspected to be Candida or H pylori infections. Infact i'm still in that process tbh. Still on Terbinafine for fungal issues, taking probiotics and other supplements etc. And like I say I have tried the Manuka honey. I found it helped alot with the breath odour. I didnt take it for long however as it was so expensive and I was going through it so quick. I've got an H pylori breath test tomorrow but it's sadly dawning on me that I think its more likely TMAU. Either way your post has made me reconsider the Manuka honey as it did definately have a positive effect on whatever i've got. Maybe with longer use i'll see even better results. Sorry if I ranted on a bit
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